In this article we will explain how to install you lawnbot on your own domain (ex. Lawnbot has the ability to live on you site within an IFRAME. The best use case we recommend is a full page experience. To accomplish this follow the below steps. A new page is created on the website called “instant quote” we do this by uploading a .html file which contains IFRAME code of the actual bot for example would be where the bot would be hosted.

Log into Word Press as an Admin
Download wp file manager plug in
Click on "Create a new HTML page"
Name the page whatever you would like most companies name it "buyonline" or "instantquote"
Press Enter
Locate your newly created file - Right Click - Click on Code Editor
Copy and Paste your Lawnbot Iframe code into the text editor
Wahoo! You have just installed lawnbot on your own domain -

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