In your lawnbot platform we are always looking to add payment options to allow you to close more sales and allow a frictionless experience for homeowners to sign up instantly.

Below are the 3 recommended payment options you can you in your lawnbot system.

Lawnbot Payment Vault - Our PCI compliant Lawnbot Payment Vault allows you to retrieve credit cards for new sales. The payment is not charged during the chat, but the credit card info is collected. Once you are ready to load the sale into your scheduling system. You can reveal the credit card information via your lawnbot dashboard - that was entered when the customer signed up for service. The benefit to this is you can setup autopay, and you do not need to sign up for a new credit card processor - just to add lawnbot to your business.

Real Green Payment Processing - We have built in the power of Real Green's Payment processing into lawnbot. We fully integrate RGPP into lawnbot to provide a seem less experience.

Stripe - When we first built lawnbot we used stripe as a payment processor. The downside here is many in our industry use credit card on file and if you use stripe many clients would charge for the 1st application and have to call the customer back to collect the credit card data.
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