Wahoo! You made a sale

Now what? We will give you the step by step to get the credit card information that the prospect used to sign up so you can process payment and setup auto payment if need be within your CRM system.

Click on the green Sales Tile from the main dashboard screen

Your most recent sales will appear at the top of all of your sales. Locate the sale you would like to get payment info for. Then click on details to bring up the sale details screen.

There is a red credit card button on the customer detail screen - by clicking this you will start the device verification process. Per pci compliance standards every ip address needs to be verified every 24 hours. If this is you 1st time verifying today - when you click the credit card button you will be sent an email to the email you logged in with. You simply need to click the link in the verification email and you will not need to verify your device for another 24 hours.

After verifying your device you will be asked to enter a 4 digit security code

Upon successful entry of the 4 digit code the full credit card information will be revealed for you to process payment or setup autopay.

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